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Enter your tag then find out your fate using the spacebar. The assailant responsible for torturing words out of you will be delivering death by whatever weapon your fate decides. Have fun!

NOTE: The game contains a bloody scene.

One Crime Five Suspects - JACKUSE!

One Crime Five Suspects - JACKUSE! walkthrough
Collect evidence that will help you catch the criminal. Have fun!

Snowy Night Escape

Snowy Night Escape walkthrough
You heard a noise outside and decided to go check it out. It turned out to be nothing. Now you are locked out! Look around and see what you can find to help you escape! You'll have to explore the surroundings and there is so much snow here. Explore the place, collect objects and solve puzzles with them to finally escape and go home. Have fun!


In this game, you have to use your direction keys to move, space key to action, and "X" key to exit from the device or machine. Move and do right things to finish this adventure successfully. Have fun!


Find the key out of the maze within the specified time. Have fun!

Control is provided with the direction keys.

Winter Retreat Escape

Winter Retreat Escape walkthrough
You are on a retreat in the mountains. You went skiing and got lost. Now, you will have to figure out how to get back! Look around and see what you can find to help you escape. You'll have to explore this wonderful place. Collect objects you'll find around you and use them to solve puzzles later on, in game. Have fun!

Automaton Part 0: The Introduction

Automaton Part 0: The Introduction walkthrough
Is it a post-apocalyptic world, or just a cryptic junk yard? Whatever it is, the music is sure depressing. Can you figure a way out of this pit? Have fun!

Snow Line

Snow Line
Help Santa Claus collect the presents ready for delivery on Christmas Eve. Have fun!

Professor XYZ - Repair Pets Experiment Machine

Professor XYZ - Repair Pets Experiment Machine walkthrough
You have to match up a group of aliens and their voices. Then pu together the parts of the telephone. Have fun!

Professor XYZ - Episode 8

Professor XYZ - Episode 8 walkthrough
Your mission is to save Roger, a cave man who is about to freeze to death because he hasn't learned the secret of fire. Have fun!

Escape Christmas Cabin

Escape Christmas Cabin walkthrough
You are stuck inside of the Christmas cabin. Look around and see what you can find to help you escape! You'll have to explore the surroundings if you wanna find a way to get out of here. Will you solve enough puzzles? Have fun!

Professor XYZ - Episode 7

Professor XYZ - Episode 7 walkthrough
Your mission is to keep a set of electric batteries charged and working. Have fun!

Wookey Cave Escape

Wookey Cave Escape walkthrough
You are going inside a Wookey Cave to get golden treasure. You'll have to explore the cave, to collect objects around you and to solve puzzles with them. Explore the cave, find the treasure and get away with it. Have fun!

Ball of Madness

Ball of Madness wakthrough
Use the cursor keys to guide the ball to the goal in each stage. Be careful not to let the ball fall off the platform or you'll have to restart from the beginning of the level. Have fun!


You can catch the webby elves with your peeks in a limited time! Can't catch me? You can get closer! It’s a good skill to be a master. Have fun!

Professor XYZ - Episode 6

Professor XYZ - Episode 6 walkthrough
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to chase away the evil spirit possessing Xavier and Yoyo's mirrors. Have fun!

A Christmas Puzzle

A Christmas Puzzle
Push the same box together and get rid of the road to come to the door. Have fun!

Neat Escape - Christmas

Neat Escape - Christmas walkthough
During a Christmas party at your friend's house, you got yourself trapped inside while everyone disappeared. You'll have to escape from this house. Explore the place, collect objects and solve puzzles. Have fun!

Professor XYZ - Episode 2

Professor XYZ - Episode 2 walkthrough
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring colour back to the Colourless City. Have fun!

The Fancy Pants Adventures - World 1

The Fancy Pants Adventures - World 1
Use the left and right arrow keys to move, press the 'S' key to jump, and the down arrow to crouch. The up arrow is used to open doors. To go into a roll, either hold the down arrow on a steep slope, or hold it while mid air to land in a roll. Have fun!

BNG - Find Differences 2

BNG - Find Differences 2
A simple find game to see if you can find all the differences in the two pictures in a short time, try it out! Have fun!

Professor XYZ - Episode 1

Professor XYZ - Episode 1 wakthrough
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to prevent Nip and Tuck from opening my safe. To trap them, you have to build a security system using the simple machines you have at hand. Have fun!

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Once upon a time, a pair of monkey brothers especially liked food. When the salary of the monthly work came down, the monkey brother and the younger brother couldn’t wait to eat the sea. You see, now the monkey brother is eating a burritos in a restaurant. Unfortunately, when they checked out, the huge bills stunned the monkey brothers, and their only salary was not enough to pay. The restaurant owner asked them to stay in the restaurant to earn money to pay the rest of the account. Now you can see that the monkey brother is responsible for ordering the customer at the front desk. The monkey is making food in the background. The business is surprisingly good. Monkey brother, come and help them! Have fun!

Money Miner 2

Money Miner 2
Use your grapple to grab the money and avoid grappling the rocks. Grab enough to pass each level. Have fun!


Control the character to successfully light all the dots to enter the next level! Have fun!

Directional keys are controlled.

Professor XYZ - Episode 5

Professor XYZ - Episode 5 walkthrough
The fifth episode in Professor XYZ games. Your goal in this game is to help Xavier repair his go-kart engine in time ofr the big race. Have fun!

Monkey Treasures

Monkey Treasures
In the specified time, you will get the target number of treasures and pass all the levels! Have fun!

Control keys, X, Space and direction keys.

The Mummy

The Mummy
Help the mummy to search every places and find somethings to use for escaping. You have to use your arrow keys to move around. There are also some bugs at the game. Have fun!

Vanilla Ninja - Dangerzone

Vanilla Ninja - Dangerzone
The Vanilla Ninja girls are on a dangerous mission. They have to find a secret safe in an illegal casino, and have to trick the guards to find it. Have fun!


Start your brain, arrange the terrain, and let all the hostages escape! Drag and drop the various items of the status bar into the scene to make all the quality escape, there is a spring bed, and a diagonal springboard for you to choose, do not drop the hostage, or the score is not high! Have fun!

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