Ena Amusement Park Escape

Ena Amusement Park Escape
Assume that You have just graduated from college with a degree in literature. Your parents are sending you to Europe for a six week vacation as a graduation present before you heads to New York City to attend Columbia's graduate program in journalism. You are taking the trip and sharing an apartment in NYC with your best friend. Your's half of the rent being paid for by your parents. As your parents announce they can no longer financially support you, the trip is definitely off, but you couldn't have enough money both over the summer and in NYC to pay rent. With no marketable job skills, you takes the only summer job you can get, at a third rate amusement park called Veegaaland as one of the many games operators. At amusement park, you are not having any real experience with different ride. One day you come to know that the amusement park is a third rated one all the rides are under repair so you should escape from their to save your life. Click on the objects to interact. Have fun!
Ena Amusement Park Escape Ena Amusement Park Escape
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